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Axiom Powder Coatings Ltd. specializes in custom color finishes, specialty finishes, and specialty powder coating in Concord, Ontario. We also have our expertise in metal painting, metal finishing and electrostatic metal paint finishing services.

With our quality finishing services, we fulfill the demands of a varied list of clients in Concord, Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

Why Choose Powder Coating?

The most common types of coatings available are powder and liquid. But the question is which one is right for you?

Powder coatings have several advantages over conventional liquid coatings, they are listed as follows:

  • Powder coatings can produce much thicker coatings without the running or sagging seen in liquid, and that translates into a more pristine finish.
  • Since powder coatings produce very little hazardous waste and almost zero VOCs, they are much more environment-friendly.
  • With such coatings, there is no need to wait for the parts to dry. Hence, turnaround times are significantly decreased.
  • Once the parts have exited the oven and cooled down, they are ready to go.
  • Powder coating is much more cost effective than the standard liquid finishing process.

All these advantages not only allow the end consumer to enjoy a better finished product but also help save the cost.
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